Healing Session

Do you know something is holding you back, but you don't know what it is?

Are you ready to start releasing old patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck?

Do you feel unfulfilled, or disconnected from your true self?

Healing Sessions Help You

  • get clarity about what's causing your issue(s)
  • release subconscious blocks to your health and happiness, and
  • become reconnected to your own inner guidance and true potential.

What Does a Healing Session Include?

  • Psychic Reading

    Prior to your session I connect with you psychically. I learn what your current path is like and the underlying issue most in need of balancing. I also read your chakra system so I can teach you more about the areas of imbalance and what you can do about them.

  • Personal Profile and Healing

    We talk about the issue you want to explore. Then I share the pre-session reading with you, and we choose a focus for your healing session. A profile of the subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, and root cause of your issue is created. Healing techniques are used to release blocks and restore balance to the energy body.

    In a Zoom session, some energy healing techniques may be applied after we get off the call.

    Please allot about 90 minutes for our time together.

  • Session Summary

    I summarize the main points of your session and provide affirmations and actions you can take to support your healing process after the session.

    Zoom clients receive email summary within 24 hours.

    Sessions take place in person in Kelowna, BC, or on Zoom. You'll be able to record your Zoom session to review again later. Tips for preparing for a Zoom session can be found in the Distance Session Guide.


Now I'm Following My Joy

Brenda is a highly intuitive, compassionate, authentic and professional coach and healer. 

When I first went to Brenda I felt very stuck in many areas of my life, including feeling very lost in terms of my life purpose and the path that I should and wanted to take. Brenda helped me immensely with untangling emotions, releasing blockages from my past and false beliefs that were no longer serving me. With her incredible intuition, healing energy and gentle navigation, the path that I wanted to follow became clearer and clearer. 

After working with Brenda I was able to follow my joy and am now a certified Parenting Coach.  I know that her guidance and coaching played a huge role in helping me make this decision for myself, to follow through and to have found something that truly resonates with who I really am. 

I cannot recommend Brenda enough!

Hanna H.
Kelowna, BC

... healing does not mean going back to the way things were before ...

Ram Dass

A Healing Series


Your healing experience will be deeper and more powerful when you invest in a series of sessions that can be spaced apart in increments of 2, 3, or 4 weeks.

A Healing Series may be right for you if:

  • you want deep change and fulfillment in your lilfe
  • you're ready to make the most of the time we spend together
  • you understand the value of investing in yourself over time

You can invest in a Healing Series of 3 or 6 sessions.