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In this space I share spiritual teachings I receive from my higher self and spirit guides. Some are written exactly as received, and others are a collaboration between the higher realms and my conscious mind.

I hope those of you who are new to the spiritual journey find these teachings inspiring and perhaps, thought-provoking. To those of you who've been on this path for awhile, may you find these messages to be timely reminders.

believing in the ability to rise

Believing in the Ability to Rise

Many of you know hope by its absence. You know what it is to feel hope-less. Hopelessness arrives when you stop believing in the ability to rise. You may not believe you can rise after a fall, a loss of a loved one, or a personal defeat. You may even feel you can’t or don’t…

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Why Make a Connection to Your Higher Self?

In the midst of the noise and chatter of daily life can you find that one small, still place inside of you? Within that quiet space lies the connection to your higher self. The wise one who resides within you. The higher self is your intermediary between you and the higher realms of consciousness. It…

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Are You Aligned with Love?

Love in all its many manifestations is but an imagining of Home. Whether you feel love of the romantic kind, love of family, love of an activity, a place, or a possession, it is all indeed because this sensation fills a longing to connect with your Source. You come from Love, and you return to…

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