About Brenda

Welcome. I'm glad you're here.

My name is Brenda McKenzie. I’m an intuitive coach, energy healer, and writer. In all of my work I connect with my higher self, spirit guides, and other assistance from the unseen realms.

I use my psychic gifts and knowledge of energy healing to help people move past limitations in their lives. I also teach people about their natural gifts and how they can use them to serve others and find deep fulfillment. This too, can be a healing experience.

I see the potential and honour the uniqueness in each person I serve.

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I'm passionate about helping others awaken to their true potential, heal what's stopping them from thriving, and become happier, more fulfilled people.

Becoming Ready to Heal

I've learned that many of us can live with pain, discomfort, or unfulfilling experiences for a long time before we decide we've had enough. Finally, we reach that place where 'more of the same' is no longer tolerable. The same worries, the same frustrations, the same patterns that keep us from living a happy, healthy life.

We're ready to get on with it.

This stage of our life journey can feel exciting and scary at the same time. We know on some level that what lies ahead can be much better than where we are right now.

And so we take the first step toward our healing.

My Approach

I'm certified as a Holistic Coaching and Healing Practitioner and Forensic Healer. I have a natural ability to see connections and patterns that shed light on your life experience.

I also have psychic ability. This means I connect with you at a soul level to intuitively receive information. These psychic visions and messages help guide your session with me.

My style is calm and gentle, positive and uplifting.

During your session we work together as a team. I know we can trust that whatever is in your highest good, will always be the outcome.

We'll be an especially great fit if you ...

  • appreciate a holistic approach that acknowledges mind, body, emotions, and spirit
  • are open to new perspectives on what's possible
  • have a sincere desire to grow, learn, and change
  • understand that your participation during and after sessions is essential to your success

Kind Words

  • Arlanna T., West Kelowna, BC

    Thank you, Brenda McKenzie, for the amazing healing session yesterday. She works from the heart and is so very professional. I am feeling so much more grounded and alive today! Amazing.

  • Carol S., Regina, SK

    Brenda has the ability to apply healing techniques in a positive, supportive way. She gently identifies issues. She helps you learn about their impact on your life. She coaches you to release the negative energy cycles that have maintained them so you can reach your potential and achieve experiences you never expected you could experience.

  • Donna H., Kelowna, BC

    What I liked most about my session was the caring and nurturing that Brenda gives and getting to the root cause of the problems. Also feeling very comfortable in sharing what I want to see for myself.

I hope you find something here that resonates with you.

Stay awhile, look around, and contact me if it feels right. I’d love to connect with you.