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Experience a-ha moments and eye-opening breakthroughs from your very first session. 

Balanced Emotions

Let go of overwhelming emotions. Feel clear and confident about your ability to create and manage the life you want.

Mindset Shifts

Break ties to subconscious patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that are secretly sabotaging your happiness.

You're here to live the most joyful life possible.

But sometimes, things get in the way.

Anxiety, depression, excessive worry.

Overwhelming emotions like anger, sadness, fear, guilt.

Negative self-talk. Feeling 'not good enough'.

Inability to let go of the past.

People-pleasing. Putting yourself last.

Stressful relationships in your work or personal life.

Lack of clarity. Unfulfilled goals, dreams, potential.

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Hi, I'm Brenda.

I've always been fascinated by people and their life stories. Choices made and paths taken. Gifts and talents yet to be honoured.

We all get stuck on our life paths at different times and could use some help finding our way. Some of us can feel stuck for a very long time, but reach a point where we're ready to get on with it.

I'm an intuitive coach and energy healer. Using my psychic abilities and knowledge of how energy works, I help you become unstuck.

I also write about personal and spiritual growth. On my blog you’ll find teachings I receive from my higher self and spirit guides.

Our connection here will always have one ultimate goal - freeing you to find and follow your own unique path to happiness.

How I Can Help

Healing Session

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Want clarity about why something isn't working in your life? Ready to start releasing old patterns that keep repeating? This session provides a powerful healing experience whether you're just starting a healing journey or are ready to explore deeper levels of healing and personal growth.

Soul Gifts Reading

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You arrived on the planet bearing a set of soul gifts unique to you. These gifts help you fulfill your life purpose here on earth. When you aren't using your soul gifts you may feel unfulfilled, or like something is missing. Learn what your soul gifts are and how you can bring them into your life.

What Clients Say

Jacqueline R.

Kelowna, BC

Working with Brenda has been a gift! We have been able to peel back the layers of underlying issues to gently release them or use them to navigate to something deeper. Brenda's instinct, intuition, and guidance have consistently been the key to my healing. With each session I feel subtle, positive changes in my inner world that are also beginning to impact my outer world.

Daryl N.

Manhattan Beach, California

I recently experienced a Soul Gifts reading with Brenda, not knowing what to expect.
She identified 3 Soul Gifts she felt relevant and all resonated. She even sent me off with an ancient prayer form of music - Ana B’Ko'ach.  I listen daily to music via the big screen (an oxymoron?) and the mystical, musical message resonated.  I am actually listening to it as I write.

I hesitate to recommend anything or anyone to others, truly believing all must find their own path. However, I am certainly glad I changed my mind and chose to meet with Brenda. There are no accidents! For others looking to find their soul’s path, she has a gift.

Melanie S.

Kelowna, BC

Honestly, I have had many energy healing sessions in the past but this one stands out the most for me because of the dramatic, immediate shift I feel now. I really needed this, and Brenda, you truly have a gift. Thank you for being so compassionate, helping me feel safe, and allowing me to express my own inner wisdom, something I needed!

Dawnie D.

Dallas, Texas

I love the way Brenda connects with me and is so intuitive about when the blocks started and how to release them. Every time I work with her it is a joy because I know at the end of the healing session I will have released something that I've held onto for way too long. Thank you, Brenda, for bringing your light into the world in the distinctive way that you do.

Tricia V.

Kelowna, BC

I feel lighter, like I've let go of a lot of negative patterns that were not serving me. I liked getting the messages Brenda received during the reading because they were extremely accurate and meaningful. This was an amazing experience. I am so glad I had the opportunity to experience your healing work.

Susan C-D

San Juan Island, Washington

Words do not describe the gratitude I feel for Brenda’s insightful and wisdom-filled session. Her Soul Gifts reading offered me such clarity, important moments of reflection, and a buoyancy about the future.

Mary Jane R.

Peachland, BC

I had the most amazing healing session with Brenda McKenzie, a gifted, professional intuitive and energy healer in Kelowna. She balances out traditional “in the box” treatments with help that could take years to accomplish otherwise. Feeling very blessed, and I highly recommend Brenda for those seeking insight and clearing for those elusive blocks that impede your life.

Kris D.

Long Beach, California

I’m still reveling in what I learned during my Soul Gifts reading. For me, one of the gifts confirmed part of the spiritual journey I recently started and added elements that will enhance its progression. The other two gifts, while unique, will support the first gift and add to greater personal fulfillment.

I'm now re-engaging my love of music, understanding my unique talents, and recognizing what a critical role my intellect and heart have played in directing me through many lifetimes.

Brenda is a caring, loving, and thoughtful facilitator who honours every step in one’s  journey. She's genuinely interested in providing as much guidance as she can through her connection with one's spirit guides. I highly recommend her Soul Gifts readings, wherever one is on life’s path. It will help with gaining greater clarity and nurturing the potential of what's possible in this lifetime.

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